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Dear guests it is a big honour for us to know that you have chosen our Flirt Strip Club in Odessa. We have everything to ensure comfortable rest: perfect interior, making you feel relaxed, caring staff ready to provide you with necessary information and to share you time at Flirt Strip Club in Odessa, and finally our charming girls performing erotic dances on the stage and Table dance by your table. They will perform Private dance exclusively for you. The most complete Crazy menu is at your disposal at our clubs. In case if you need any exclusive service you will get it. Some other reasons for you to choose one of our Flirt Strip Clubs. We will share our advantages, answer your questions and even disprove some myths. Myth №1: You have to pay entrance fee. That’s not true, you don’t have to pay entrance fee and can get invitation ticket right now for any day. Automatically you get compliment from club that will be a surprise for you; it can either 100 gr of Chivas18 whiskey or private dance performed by one of our girls.
Myth №2: prices for bar menu are very high at strip clubs. That’s not true. The prices were set as average based on prices of other entertainment places in the city/browse bar menu/ at the same time we carefully control the quality of beverages supplied by reliable suppliers, that’s why you can be sure of the highest quality of bar assortment.
Myth №3: there are no any discounts. We do provide discounts. We set a system of discounts and club cards. Having visited any of our clubs you get club card. Also we provide club cards of all Strip Club all over the world and also club cards of the most popular entertainment places of Odessa. You can find more detailed information about club cards here.
Myth №4: It is not easy to get to club. You can call us any 24 h a day at +38048700 06 06 and we will send taxi to pick you up anywhere in the city; we also can send a limo by your request. We provide transfer services from airport, marina, any hotel in the city as well.
Myth №5: The most important myth. Customers are being cheated, badgered, tricked out of their money. Unfortunately we have to confess that it is true to certain degree. It is an open secret that our girls get material reward from ordered cocktails. But women always ask for money whether they are wives, lovers, friends including casual friends, c’est la vie. The question is how much you are ready to pay for attention, affection and care you get, and the form of this request.
Moreover we can offer you preliminary planned budget you are ready to spend at Flirt Gentlemen Club Odessa. The ways to do it:
to use package proposals that we offer for different parties/see detailed information here/.
to get invitation tickets beforehand and to pay amount you are going to spend by credit card.
We would like to inform that we use internal currency to thank the girls called Flirt (amounting to 100 UAH). At club you can change them into cash, to pay by credit card or to exchange money to club Flirts.
In case if you don’t spend planned amount administrator will exchange them to cash.
And the most important notice. We highly appreciate each our client. We would like each our client to be our frequent guest and friend. Leave your comments regarding you rest and level of service at club. Your comments count! Strip-club Flirt.

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